Social & Digital

IJPR creates and manages award-winning social media for some of the biggest brands in TV – with over 2 million followers across all of our social media platforms.

From TV shows like His Dark Materials (BBC/HBO) and The Last Kingdom (Netflix), to production companies such as Bad Wolf and Left Bank Pictures, and even Helen Mirren – we know how important it is to get the tone of voice correct.

Content creation and community management is at the heart of our social media strategy. We’re there from day one of pre-production ready to capture and bank assets for our social media feeds. This can include timelapses, set tours, cast interviews and more.

We know that the secret to running a successful social campaign is as much about being reactive as proactive, and we’re able to capitalise on social trends and fan reactions in real time.

We also make sure to keep the broadcasters and stakeholders updated throughout the process, liaising with their creative teams and capturing content for their feeds.