As broadcasters and independent production companies restart filming after lockdown IJPR has been working closely with producers to develop working practices and a code of conduct that allows the vital role of press and publicity to continue within the constraints of working in a socially distanced workplace.



All IJPR staff have undertaken both the Screenskills and more extensive First Option Covid-19 training courses to fully understand the guidelines that all aspects of production are having to work within.



During the lockdown, we have successfully arranged junkets, panels and live broadcasts using video platforms including:

Sitting in Limbo – Creative Access Masterclass

BAFTA – Killing Eve Masterclass

ITV – Moderated press junket for ‘Des’ with David Tennant, Jason Watkins and Daniel Mayes

RADIOTIMES.COM – Watch along events with the cast of Call The Midwife on the Radio Times Youtube Channel followed by a cast Q&A


Maintaining social distancing IJPR worked with production and film crews to complete EPK interviews using remote control cameras and fogged studio space for The Crown.


As production begins plans are already underway for:


  • Live onset Zoom calls allowing a COVID tested member of IJPR in a production bubble access to the set to allow journalists to be given 360-degree tours of the set from their laptops. 
  • Socially distanced AV suites within studio space to allow isolated cast members to complete press interviews remotely.  Fully lit and dressed mini-studios in which a COVID tested member of IJPR will link talent to live Zoom calls with journalists without compromising production protocols.
  • Costume and prop tours via Zoom with creatives sharing slides and video content to support Zoom calls rather than having journalists on set.

Posted on

August 27, 2020