Buying erectile dysfunction pills in UK: Is it safe?

High prices for ED medications is a serious problem in United Kingdom. In the modern world, the development of a new drug is often 15-20 years of work. This time is spent on a detailed study of the disease, its molecular characteristics, and the definition of options for a possible drug formula. And then – in vitro testings, testing on animals and multi-stage and long-term clinical trials in humans. It leads to substantial financial costs. BUT, when the formula of a drug is already known, other companies can reproduce it under a different name and much cheaper. This is how Viagra generics appear, which are sold on many online sites, like these.

Tesco Pharmacy (Rank: 4.0) | Excelsior Estate, Excelsior Rd, Cardiff CF14 3AT, United Kingdom | +44 29 2005 1100

Tried Walgreens and CVS in the past, but their staff is always rude no matter which location I’ve used, and it consistently took a month to get prescription refill authorizations. Tesco Pharmacy never answers the phone, but their pharmacy app is a good replacement when needing information. I haven’t had any problems with staff in person.

They have always been helpful and proactive in meeting our requirements and dealing with two insurances.

Clifton Pharmacy (Rank: 4.8) | 7-8 Clifton St, Cardiff CF24 1PW, United Kingdom | +44 29 2049 4975

I wouldn’t replace Clifton Pharmacy for anyone else. They are the best, fast and very friendly, and always have everything I need.

Every time I fill a prescription here, there is one issue or another. They ran the wrong insurance last time (one that I don’t even have anymore) and were taken aback that I wanted them to run the correct insurance. I’m pretty sure that would be insurance fraud, so why they would question doing the right thing is beyond me. The customer service and level of competence at the Rinconada and Sonoma locations are a ton better.

ViaQX Pharmacy (Rank: 4.5) | Colchester Ave, Cardiff CF23 9XN, United Kingdom | +44 29 2046 5110

They are really friendly and attentive to our needs as best as they can. I have been going there for years. All my family, my mom, and I go there to get my kids’ medicines. ViaQX staff is fast at filling ur prescriptions and is accurate, and when u ask questions, they answer u as best as they can. Both Rosie and Joe are the best pharmacists I have ever seen. Keep up the good work, guys. Thank u very much for all your services both to my family and me and to the community as well.

Excellent place to fill your prescriptions!! I’ve never ones have had an issue with anyone in the pharmacy or with any medication that I’ve filled there. I also love that they have time to answer questions regarding any medication, whether or not you have purchased your medication there. I always have gotten excellent and quick attention, whether it’s by phone or in person. A+++ Excellent SERVICE and Great Attention/Advice!

Hopwoods Pharmacy (Rank: 4.6) | 19 Maelfa Rd, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff CF23 9PL, United Kingdom | +44 29 2073 1179

As far as COVID testing, Hopwoods Pharmacy been extremely efficient compared to what I’ve seen. The wait wasn’t insane like other places. We got here at 6 am and were out by 10 am. They have stations and are well organized. The price is good, too(30). Another place tried to charge 150.

Horrible service, they want me to pay for a prescription that is covered by my insurance only if they used the generic brand I didn’t have to. Still, they are very pushy to sell you the brand at their will, I called my insurance, and they said it’s covered only if they switch. Still, of course, they don’t want to. They want to make money, after fewding with curly, I gave up. He’s so rude I decided to change to Walgreens where they welcome my business, and yes, my meds were covered by my insurance at no cost to me..