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Crwys Pharmacy
Address: 128 Crwys Rd, Cardiff CF24 4NR, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 29 2037 3631 | Website:

Went to get medicine for a sinus infection. I was asked about being tested for Covid or bought Stromectol online. I refused the Covid test & the doctor continued to badger me for quite some time, telling me that I needed to explain to her why I didn’t want one. I’m an adult & fully capable of making my own medical decisions without being assaulted by a doctor. I will not be going back, as no one should be treated this way ever.

When you call, they don’t answer. Crwys Pharmacy doesn’t have time to return many calls. They don’t return texts messages. They’re terribly behind because of an influx of prescription requests to them. It is because of COVID. More and more patients are requesting extra scripts, and all Pharmacies are slammed. Because they are specialized (compounding), they are in great demand. I got my most recent prescription, but they were very late. They apologized over and over and over again. They are so overworked. They have staffing shortages like so many other businesses do. And not just anyone can work in a pharmacy around patient private information and medications. Yeah, I felt very stressed out waiting. I wanted an answer sooner, but they are literally receiving 1,000s of calls a day, and no one can handle that. I don’t work there or know them, but I’ve worked in health care.

Central Pharmacy
Address: 63-67 Wellfield Rd, Cardiff CF24 3PA, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 29 2040 5005 | Website:

Always friendly, fast service. I like that they take the time to know your name and your family’s names as well. Just gives the feel of a hometown pharmacy. I’m from the big city, and I promise you the pharmacy out there isn’t like this place. I really like having Randys as my family pharmacist. All the staff is amazing!

Central Pharmacy goes above and beyond to help you with anything you need. They are very courteous, kind, and actually care about their customers! I’ve never had a bad experience here, and I’ve been using this pharmacy for well over a decade! All the pharmacists and staff are absolutely awesome!!! If there were 100, I would give it to them!

Clifton Pharmacy
Address: 7-8 Clifton St, Cardiff CF24 1PW, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 29 2049 4975 | Website:

They are THE BEST !! For over 20 years, they have taken great care of both my elderly parents with real professionalism & concern. With just Mom to care for now – they came to her house to give her a Covid shot! That was a load of this caretaker’s mind – Clifton Pharmacy comes highly recommended!!

This location is horrible. I’m always having a customer service issue with the pharmacy. The 1st issue I had, which I recorded, was of a pharmacist pretty much telling me she was too busy to help fill my child’s medication now my child need a COVID test due to exposure at his school which I scheduled at 10:30 am I get a call from the pharmacy at 1030 telling me they are going to cancel his appointment at 10:35 lady I’m right down the street! I told her to cancel it. I’ve had this test performed at several locations in Richmond. This pharmacy is the only one I have issues with yall need to improve the customer service, and I’m calling corporate!

Health Plus Pharmacy
Address: 54 Clare Rd, Cardiff CF11 6RT, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 29 2063 5750 | Website:

By far the worst pharmacies I’ve ever gotten prescriptions from. If they are out of Stromectol medication, no one calls to tell you. They just don’t fill it, even if another fries has it in stock. If they have a question about the prescription, they just decide not to fill it. No one calls to help you get your scripts filled correctly. I’m going to take all my scripts somewhere else starting today!

I just want to personally apologize to the ladies and gentlemen that were in the Health Plus Pharmacy today that had to watch me have a heat stroke in the checkout. You guys treated me quite well, you seemed to care a lot, and I greatly thank you for that. I owe you so much. And when I come back next time, I’ll make sure to be hydrated. Sigh.