Stephen and Laura

Today TV Choice conducted a Q&A with Stephen McGann and Laura Main from #tvcawards nominated show Call the Midwife. For those who missed out on the chat you can see all the questions and answers here.

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@boogieordie: With the new addition to the Turner family, are there any new additions to the set?

@TVChoice: Yes! @Charitchie is funny & naughty! Linda Bassett is adorable. I’m loving having fresh faces on set -Stephen


@KT_wells19: Who do you like playing best Sister Bernadette or Mrs Turner?

@TVChoice: Luckily she’s the same person I have a fondness for her time as a nun & her journey was a lovely gift I cherish –Laura


@FiBeau: What do you imagine was in Patrick’s letters to Sr Bernadette? Is he a bit of a romantic on the quiet?

@TVChoice: Absolutely! He’s from the war age so would’ve written words from a crooner –Stephen

He didn’t want to scare her off though! –Laura


@mainarmy: We all loved ur CiN single, any plans to release anymore songs together or separately?

@TVChoice: It was gorgeous, we loved doing it! The response has been touching -Stephen


@K_D_KB: What was your favorite episode to film & favorite to watch?

@TVChoice: The fog scene at the end of series 2 & watching @mermhart‘s scenes with her mother last series -Stephen

@LauraMain1‘s favourite scene to watch was last series with @sarah_gordy & @ColinYoungActor


@HannahBolam: From fans on Tumblr, we all want to see a Turnadette kiss!! Is there one in series 4??

@TVChoice: It’s not suddenly going to be snog city but something may have happened yesterday! P.S: We know have a bedroom -Laura


@AlisonRhiannon: Are you aware of the fandoms obsession with ‘Aunt Lulu’?

@TVChoice:  Get @lulushouts on the show! –Laura


@zoe_swann: When on set does it really feel like you’ve travelled back in time?

@TVChoice: It does transport you to a different world. Being older than Laura *cough* it reminds me of being a kid! -Stephen


@AlisonRhiannon: Will we see Shelagh interacting more with the Nonnatuns next series?

@TVChoice: Shelagh’s interacting with the Nonnatuns this series. There is no awkwardness or guilt hanging over her now –Laura


@93_beatrice:  What is the layout of the turner house? I think everyone is very confused about it. & will we see more of the house in s4?

@TVChoice: We don’t have the blue prints and it’s too long to answer in a tweet! -Stephen


@zoe_swann: What do you think of your characters’ outfit choices?

@TVChoice: It was a tricky transition but we’ve found her style now! She’s never going to be a glamourpuss but she’s softer –Laura


@CameronYardeJnr: Was it always the plan for Shelagh and Dr Turner to become a couple?

@TVChoice: Bernadette’s journey was a lovely surprise for me. @CallTheMidwife1 creator @HeidiThomasMcG is brilliant! -Laura


@luciespudders:Do we see more of the turners in domestic bliss in s4?

@TVChoice: We find them in a very good place, not as much yearning as last series. It’s nice! -Laura


@AlisonRhiannon: Who was/is your favourite guest star?

@TVChoice: Mine was @MonicaDolan because it was my first delivery! She’s fascinating to watch, so focused. -Laura


@Madmills2: Are real babies used in the delivery scenes and is there any new cast members for the new series?

@TVChoice: @Charitchie and Linda Bassett. Linda Bassett is an absolute legend! -Laura


@Katie_MirandaH:  If you could play any other character in the show, who would it be?

@TVChoice: Sister MJ’s habit would fit me! I’d get to say wild and brilliant lines. -Stephen