As we turn the corner from winter to spring, we’re seeing a lot of changes at Ian Johnson Publicity.

We’ve redesigned the website and are looking to do a massive office overhaul. We also have a number of new projects coming out!

Youngers (E4), produced by our friends at Big Talk, is gearing up. We had a special screening at the British Film Institue this past weekend and will be showing the first two episodes in Peckham next week. Written by Levi David Addai (My Murder), Youngers follows a group of friends fresh out of school with a heart for music. Like Dizzee Rascal and Tinie Tempah before them, they are trying to make an impact on UK urban music scene in their bedrooms and showcasing it on the internet.  While at the same time trying to negotiate through teenage life in a world that’s more about swagger than the straight As.

The Evening Standard did a great little profile on the show and it’s relationship with the Peckham community. READ IT HERE

We’re also really excited about Hartswood Films founder and IJP friend Beryl Vertue’s upcoming In Conversations at the BFI. Beryl is an institution in British film and television:  she’s the genius behind selling television formats to the US and is part of the team behind the hugely popular Sherlock on BBC1, among her many other accolades.

Join us for a chat Tuesday, 26th February at the BFI. For tickets and more information CLICK HERE

To keep up with us, follow IJP on Twitter: @ianjohnsonpub

Watch this space…

– Team IJP